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You will be judged (or you will be ignored)
Seth Godin—- the creator of Squdioo 
I’ve long advised that bloggers seeking to make money from blogging spread their interests across multiple revenue streams so as not to put all their eggs in one basket.
Darren Rowse- Problogger 

Problogger has been blogging for years so you know what he doesn’t know about blogging ain’t worth knowing.

What is Clickbank?

I am a writer on Squidoo, a great site that allows you to create free webpages on the web. I am just another person trying to make money online, I have always liked to write and have always wanted to write my own book.

Click bank is another free site that allows you to earn money, you become an affiliate of Clickbank, essentially you work for them, you sell their products and they give you a commission on anything you make! Anyone can sell their product on Clickbank, other people like me, come along and promote that product, we get a split, the owner of the product gets a split, everyone wins :).

For example the owner of an eBook puts their product up for anyone to promote on Clickbank, their eBook is about ‘how to raise a kitten’. So you are creating a website about cats and you see that product. It will go nicely with your website so you promote it.

Now the owner of that product can set the commission as high as 75% so the eBook is $50 and you sell a copy on your website or blog you will get around $37, the owner will also get a cut.  

That the simple idea behind Clickbank, everyone wins. The only downside is:
1. You actually need to make sales.
2. You need a website/blog.

One of these is true, yes you need to make sales on Clickbank to make money, Clickbank won’t be donating to you if you get no sales. But number two is only slightly true. Yes a website/blog would help - but you actually don’t need one.

Here is where Squidoo comes in, Squidoo is a great site that allow you to create free webpages, yes you heard me free. No cash out of your pocket and you can actually make some money. The great thing about Squidoo is it allows you to promote Clickbank products.

So problem one solved, you don’t need a website/blog, but there is still the overwhelming possibility that after putting a few ‘lenses’ (Squidoo articles) up you won’t get any sales. Sales don’t come naturally, neither does traffic, you need to do promotion, then you’ll get traffic, and then after that sales.

Want to make money with a blog? 

Welcome to my microblog.

My name is Ash Keogh and I created this blog to organise all of my lenses in one place and to give you some Squidoo tips and things I learn on the way. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and quotes that can all be applied to blogging. I was also post some pictures from my lenses.